Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Enchanted Animation Director Interview

I am a Disney Podcast listener to the core. I can listen to a dozen or so podcasts each week. This week I justified it once again. Even though this is Mousefest week and most of the Disney Podcasters are down in WDW, I still downloaded a couple of shows this past weekend. Nathan Rose of the Magical Definition Podcast was the cause of this post. He had an interview with the Asst. Animation Director from the movie Enchanted.
"On this week's show, the MDP Crew truly has an enchanted treat for you! Nathan is joined by Animation Director Chris Sonnenberg as they discuss the production of Disney’s holiday hit, Enchanted. "
This is one of the reasons I listen to these podcasts, for the other side of the Disney company. We can talk about the parks all we want, but it's animation that built the Disney Company. It was all started by a mouse after all or so they say. Nathan and Chris discuss all aspects of Chris's background leading up to the movie Enchanted. He has worked on projects with Disney such as Pocahontas, Mulan, Hercules and more. He has also worked on TV's the Critic and Futurama. Chris right now works for a company that did the animation in Enchanted for Disney. The bonus to this interview is Chris gives a quickie description of the animation process. Very educational.
One of the key points that comes across in the interview is that they had the amount of time that would be spent on a feature to create the 15 minutes of animation in Enchanted. I have convinced my daughter to see Enchanted again so I can go ands check out the animation a little more closely. Click on this link to the Magical Definition Page and download the Decmeber 9th show. It's worth your time.

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