Monday, December 10, 2007

Animal Kingdom Dream FastPass

This was on of our Year of a Million Dreams prizes we had won. We were in the Animal Kingdom on the second to last day of our November trip. We had just rode the Kilimanjaro Safari and went on the Pagani Forest Exploration Trail. This is a nature walk that educates as you walk along. We were able at one point to track and determine what kind of animal it was we were tracking by it's tracks and dung. Yeah, dung. Fake and plastic, but dung. After that we went through the nature guide hut that was kinda closed for re-habbing. As we left the hut, I had gotten ahead of rest of the family. As I went around a corner there was a Cast Member waiting for me to pass. I grabbed the boy and said that the wife and daughter were also with me. I still did not know what was going on, I just wanted to keep us together. As we passed the CM, she told the people behind us that it would be nice if they would wait a couple of minutes as the line ahead was getting crowded. Around the next bend were the Dream Team Cast Memebers. Standard issue Khakis and blue oxfords. They stopped about 20 of us and told us that we were to get the Animal Kingdom Year of a Million Dreams FastPasses. They passed out the lanyards and passes. Wow, how cool was that. We had already been on the safari and had our Fastpasses for Everest and the lines were not that big. So mine stayed intact. The rest of the family used their Kali River Rapids tab in the afternoon.

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