Thursday, November 14, 2013

7 Posts for 7 Days

Hello my Disney friends.  I've been more inconsistent as this Blog has grown older.  My goal to get back on the Wagon is 7 posts in 7 days and then back onto a more consistent posting schedule.

I think a re-introduction might be in order.  My name is Ed Mazzilli and I am a very big fan of all things Disney.  I like to explore that interest through history, through listening and recording podcasts, through the parks, watching the movies and through this great Disney community on the internet. I am part of two Disney themed Podcasts, the "We're Going to WDW" Podcast and the Disney Nerds Podcast.  I am also lucky enough to be part of a project and series of books called Walt's People.  I transcribe interviews from paper or audio to digital text. I also keep track of a lot of great blogs, web sites and facebook pages, all Disney related.  Anything to keep that Disney Spirit flowing.
So here's for the 7 in 7 and look for number 1 very soon.

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