Monday, November 21, 2011

The "WGTWDW" Podcast Show # 9

On this weeks show we switch it up a little due to the heavy schedule that the kids had this week.  From Basketball to Swim Team and School and CCD and a Boy Scout Camping trip had us all very busy this week.  In the show we post some audio clips from the last couple of times we've been down in WDW.  Here are some of the video links for those to give you the added visual along with the audio on the show.  The first clip was the Voices of Liberty over at the American Experience at Epcot.  A must see group.  The next clip we have is from the Adventures Club's Live Radio show.  This was a really great night and a little sad as it was the last time I was there before it closed.  Next we had the Jamminators from Epcot.  These are the most common looking guys.  You might even walk past them without noticing, until they start playing.  They were really good.  After that we visit the Magic Kingdom at Rope Drop.  This is one of our favorite times of the day.  Getting to the park early and watching this show is a great start to a fun day.  We then finish up with the Main Street Philharmonic.  You should have heard how many times I kept saying the Main Street Philharmagic.  We love these guyus and will almost always stop and watch.  They are one happy bunch of guys.

Thanks for listening to the show this week.  We promise to be back next week with a fully staffed show to talk all about our Disney Cruise from this past June

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