Friday, November 11, 2011

Star Wars Weekend Poster Art over the Years

My two great interests in life other than the family are Disney and Star Wars and what better way to join these two things together than in Star Wars Weekends held each year at the Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando.  S.W. weekends are held on 4 weekends in the May-June time of the year.  These weekends have special Star Wars events such as autograph signings, special Star Wars/Disney merchandise and various entertainment events.  These events are things such as a Star Wars themed parade, a lip sync/dance off staring SW characters, and other great meet and greets with never seen start wars characters.  I, alas have never been to a weekend, but in following the information that comes out of the event, I kept track of these really cool advertisement posters.  They were posted at the Orlando Airport the first year and have since found their way to various locations.  As I was going through pictures on the box, I came across these posters and threw them into a Windows Live Video.  I think these are all great.  My two favorites are the Tie Fighter moored up at the end of the ramp and Vader in line with his boots off sharing all of our pain.

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