Monday, October 31, 2011

The "We're Going to Walt Disney World" Podcast Show #6

From now on I thought I would set-up a much more detailed version of the Show Notes, here in my blog.  Podbean has a lot to be desired about their posting software.

On this weeks show of the “We’re Going to Walt Disney World” podcast we once again spin the Wheel of Attractions.  The kids have a lot to say about Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride.  I don’t get it, the spinning and all, but the kids seem to really like it.   

We then talk about pressed pennies in the Family Tip segment.  Pressed penny machines can be found through-out all of WDW.  We talk about this fun activity that we have been doing for years.  One of the great finds I came up with about pressed pennies was finding the web site.  Right now, we’ve got three full books of pressed WDW pennies and are beginning another.  Hope mentioned the book with the Mickey head shaped penny.  Here it is and here is the inside of it.  This book has the Epcot Country series of pennies we discussed on the show.  Some trips, it's like we'll press pennies if we see a machine.  Other trips, it's a mission.  We talk about more on the show.

For the Disney Net-Check, our 60 second look at really good Disney themed web sites, I talk about Steve Soares’ Walt Disney WorldEntertainment web site.  This is a really nice site that is updated every week with every live event at the WDW resort.  We always hit this site the week before a trip.  You can get times for everything from Streetmosphere to the Dapper Dan’s to when is the Mad Hatter signing autographs.  A very good information site.  Enjoy.

To finish show number 6, we announce our FIRST CONTEST!.  Simple rules, email us at with any two of the attractions we have discussed in the Wheel of Attractions segment we have done.  Once we hit the cut-off on Sat., Nov. 5th at 5:00 pm WDW time we will throw all contestants into a hat and pick two winners.  The first winner pulled will get a great Splash Mountain pin and a pressed penny chosen by the kids.  The second winner pulled will get a Sleepy Dwarf in a Box, Cast Member pin.  So send in your emails.

You can find the "We're Going to Walt Disney World" Podcast on Itunes and on Podbean.

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