Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's all in the Details; Muppets 3D World Headquarters

The Muppets 3D attraction in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is one of my favorites each and every time we go to the parks. It is the one attraction in WDW that I can truly say has a queue and pre-show that are as interesting as or even more so than the show itself. I was going though pictures from a previous trip and came across one from Muppets 3D. As you walk into the attraction you pass a couple of boards listing the Muppet 3D World Headquarters directory. It’s amazing how many times you can walk past something and never really see it. I’m sure I have noticed this before, I even took a picture of it, but I was really surprised at all of the gags that can be found.
Institute of Heckling & BrowBeating: 
Statler and Waldorf - Curmedgeons in Chief  Box A Mezz.
Muppet Kitchens & Pyrotechnic Research:
Swedish Chef - Tippy Top Cookie Guy     Suite 2649
Dept. of Poultry & Mold Cultivation:
The Great Gonzo - Paramour - Connoisseur        Suite 1631
Patriotic Analysis & Protocol:
Sam the Eagle - American                Suite 127E
Sartorical Accumulation Division:
Miss Piggy - Diva                             Very Suite 4444
Academy of Amphibian Science:
Kermit - The Frog                            Suite 5235
The Rest of the Directory

Division of Decibel Development:
Animal - Percussionist at Large               Suite 6420
Adittudinal Adjustement & Groove Testing:
Dr. Teeth, Chairman & Floyd Pepper, Ottoman      Suite 7129
Dept. of Comedic Timing & Delivery:
Take Fozzie Bear - Please                      Suite 8932
Cute Cuddly & A.W. Shucks Attorneys:
Bean Bunny - Your Pal                         2 Suite 4 U
Soup of the Day
Split Pea:  Cup 2.95      Bowl 1.50       No Soup  3.95
Alphabet Soup:  P V M D E F N W C N P

Like I said I really like Muppets 3D.  Look forward to some more posts soon!  Don't forget, keep your eyes open next time your in Muppets 3D.  Read everything and don't laugh too loud.  You'll tip off everyone that this queue is the show.

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