Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's all in the Details; "Bert's Boats" on Castaway Cay

We have just returned from our first Disney cruise and WOW, it was a blast. I hope to write some more posts as soon as I can. I was going through pictures and was stopped at one I took on Castaway Cay. We were lucky enough to spend two days on Castaway Cay and on the second day we all went for a bike ride. It’s a great place for a ride considering the tallest hills are the speed bumps. We had a nice ride and on the road I passed this nice little display. “Bert’s Boats” I have a friend named Bert so I took a picture for him and then rode on. When I saw the picture again, I was thinking how the Disney Imagineers hardly ever add a specific detail with out a reason. Well, with a little research, I found the connection and it was pretty obvious once I did. "Bert" Swets is the Vice President of Marine & Technical Operations. Bam! There it is. These are the details that make a Disney trips at the parks or even on their Caribbean island so much more fulfilling.

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