Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adventurer's Club Member Sighting

One of the things outside the park we would do on every trip as an adult, was to go to Disney's Pleasure Island and specifically end up at the Adventurer's Club. We would have such a fun time trying to catch different shows each time we've gone. I was lucky enough to be down in WDW a couple weeks before it closed for good. We saw all the shows that night. In the picture to the right and this link to one of my Youtube videos of the Club shows Otis T.Wren.
On a recent trip to Animal Kingdom I had a Adventurer's Club Alumni sighting. It was none other than Professor Otis T. Wren from that last night who was moonlighting as the Tour Guide Leader at the Flights of Wonder in AK. This was one of those great chance encounters that are always around the corner. I was going to skip Flights of Wonder this time anyway. But, the CM with the Owl out front of the attraction got me and in I went. When it got to the point where the noisy, ornithopiac (afraid of birds), tour guide leader enters on stage waving his classic red flag. It was Otis. He was great. It was a really nice treat to see this actor continuing to work with Disney. He played his part way above and beyond and was really a good 'straight man' for the birds. Always fun to see old friends. I saw that there were sightings over at the Chef's de France rest. at Epcot of two other former members of the Adventure. Keep your eyes open for other Club alumni moving on.

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