Monday, January 28, 2008

The Mouse Lounge Podcast

The Mouse Lounge podcast has been around for a while. "With Mouse Lounge Martini in hand", Gary Chambers puts out his Mouse Lounge podcast each week. He is a very knowledgeable host who puts a lot into his podcast. If you listen to Disney Podcasts, you find that there are a couple of categories that a Disney Podcast can fall into. The first type of podcast are your Park Experience podcasts. These are the guys that tell you everything you wanted to know about a trip to a Disney Park. Another type of Disney Podcasts are the ones that cover Disney movies and history. The third type does it all. Gary’s Mouse Lounge podcast falls into that third category. His show gives you audio of attraction ride-throughs, Disney History and great commentary. His most recent show, #30, is a perfect example of what you can expect from this podcast. After he talks about the current news, Gary then has a recording from the Jan 18, 2008 opening of the re-mastered of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians from the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood Ca. What is special about this recording is the Leonard Maltin lead panel discussion before the movie started. Other panel members are Alice Davis, Eric Goldberg, Lisa Davis, and Blaine Gibson. Next he has a ride through of the Figment attraction from Epcot. Then Gary has put together a couple of audio clips of Walt Disney talking about money and how he earned it as a young man and the early years of the company. He finshes with a couple versions of the song Cruela Deville.
Gary put’s out a great podcast. I hope he continues in this endeavor for all of our benefits. So if you have any interest in The Walt Disney properties whether park or film, please check out Gary Chambers at the Mouse Lounge. Martinis are optional!

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