Monday, March 9, 2015

Finding the Letter 'Q' at Disney.

I'm going to categorize this post as a Challenge Post.  A relatively new but good friend of mine, Charlotte, challenged me to write about the Letter Q and how it applies to Disney.  Now Charlotte is a great blogger in her own right and must of known this was going to be hard.  Challenge on.

Okay, so Q in Disney.  Well, lets start with Walt Disney World and the Q's we might find there.   I hope this is not cheating but hey, look at that, I just did a post on the Queue lines at WDW.  That's a great Q word and here's a link to that post:

The next Q I came up with in WDW has to be the Quick Service Dining(QSD).  Which, opposed to the Table service is a great, cheaper way to get a meal.  There are some really great themed QSD's in the parks, hotels and Downtown Disney.  My favorites right now are; Epcot: Sunshine Seasons, The Pork Chop and Beet salad are a great combo.  MK: Columbia Harbor House, I always get the Tuna sandwich, but a lobster roll is on the horizon.  DHS: I have no favorite here, look for a post on this down the road.  AK: Flametree Barbecue, they have a great chicken and rib combo and the pulled pork is tasty. DTD: Earl of Sandwich.  This did take a dip in popularity when I saw it's a chain and they have them on the rest stops of the Fl. Turnpike.  For a Hotel QS, I'll go with the Pop Food Court, they have a great selection.

 Moving on we can stay in DTD and walk over to the West Side and go to Disney Quest.  We were there a couple of years ago and had a great time.  Disney Quest is the Arcade, game, ride and family center that was suppose to change the entertainment world.  We're still waiting for the one we were promised in Center City Philly.  Disney Quest is a multi-floor complex that would be so much more awesome if not for the fact that it is within a short bus ride of 4 very fun amusement parks.  That being said it is a very fun place with a lot of good family games and activitiesDisney Quest

The next Q is someone we have all seen if not taken advantage and used their talents.  I am of course referring to the Quick Sketch Artists.  These folks can be found all over the parks.  The one location that I know is a regular for these great artists is in the MK, across the bridge from the Crystal Palace, behind the Christmas Store in that outdoor covered area.  These are great memories to take home form the parks.  We are so glad we had done these when the kids were smaller.  Also, not a sketch, but there are the other artists that use scissors to make the shadow boxes of the kids.  They are pretty Quick.

Now for a stroll through the huge cast party of all of the Disney Characters over the years and who do we have.  Well, Quasimodo jumps right out.  After him we have QuackerJack an insane toy maker bad guy from the Darkwing Duck series.  And then, we have the Queens.  Queen Athena who we found out later was Ariel's deceased mom. Queen Grimhilde which was the name of the Evil Queen in Snow White.  Queen Leah, the mother of Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, and Queen Miranda form Sophie the First.  Queen Mousetoria from the Great Mouse Detective.  A more recent Queen would be Queen Narissa from Enchanted and Queen Clarion the queen of the fairies.  And of course the boil pot of rage the Queen of Hearts.  And of for last...Queen Elsa.

So that's my tour of the Q's of Disney.  Thanks for joining me on this quite quintessential journey of the letter.    What did I miss?  Comment below and let me know!  Stay tuned for the Letter Z.

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Drew Harrison said...

I had no idea there were so many letter "Q"s out there. Disney just knows how to make everything fun!