Sunday, October 19, 2014

Disney Park Details. Disney Hollywood Studios, Unclaimed Luggage.

Looking toward Hollywood Blvd.
One of my favorite things to do in the parks is to take pictures of everything.  My thinking is that once your home you can take a look at all of those pictures and catch some great detail or fact or a piece of the story.  Well here is a great detail.  As we were walking down Sunset Blvd. at the Disney Hollywood Studios we came across some luggage in front of the Villains Vogue shop.  That place has some really great stuff.
My first thought about the luggage as I tried to move it was that perhaps this was a permanent prop for the Streetmosphere performers who often do shows around there.  I've seen their version of the dating game show here and I've also seen the guys from Public Works set up near here.  There were labels on the bags so I shot a picture of that also hoping that I would have time down the road to figure out if there is a story here or if it is random. 
     I'm happy to say we've got a winner here.  A definite tie in to what is going on further down Sunset Blvd.  As you can see from the luggage tag we've got a gentleman with the name of Gilbert London.  Well, with a little research I found the connection. "Caroline Crosson was a glamorous aspiring actress, and Gilbert London was one of her many male admirers." And both were at the Hollywood Tower hotel that fateful night. 
That's right, Gilbert was the well dressed gentleman on the Fated Elevator.  I was only able to find one source on this that gave more information than just naming the characters.  That was a USA Today article, so you can take that with a grain of salt.  If what the article says is true, this was a really bad night to finally get that date with Ms. Crosson.
     Now the question; why is Mr. London's luggage down the street from the hotel?  This is close to the Cab stand, could they have been behind that night?  Your guess is as good as mine at this point.  Here is an extra bonus.  Note the Phone #, 4-1031.  I'm not sure about the 4. Maybe # 4 of 5 people in the elevator that night.  1031 makes sense in that it was on October 31 that those 5 people perished.
    When I find these details I like the satisfaction of knowing how well facts and details are laid out around the parks.  It's kind of the thrill of the new discovery.  What have you seen or found while at the Disney parks that ties into a story?  Leave a comment and let me know.  This stuff is great and Jackie, I'll abstain when you use your version of this picture in your Where in the Parks game.

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