Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lou Mongello's "102 Ways to Save Money For And At Walt Disney World" E-Book

One of the biggest questions I get from the followers of this blog and the podcast shows we do is how to start planning for a trip to Walt Disney World?  I at first smile, and thank the person because they had already jumped their first hurdle, knowing they have to plan.  I would then give them my standard answer, which is a great toolbox of resources.  Get a Park Guide like the Unofficial Guide to WDW, register with Touring, check out the information and especially the menus on and use the services of a free Disney sponsored travel agent to make your reservations.  I’m happy to say that after today I can add Lou Mongello’s, “102 Ways to Save Money For And At Walt Disney World” to that list of must-haves to plan a successful and economical trip to WDW.

For those that don’t know who Lou is, in a word, it all started with Trivia.  The Walt Disney Trivia Books Volumes 1 & 2 to be exact.  Lou also produces and stars in one of the best podcasts for Disney Park fans available today, The WDWRadio Show.  I have been listening since show #1 and am proud to be a Pod-Person and I might sound like a homer, but you only have to see that he’s won the Best Travel Podcast award from 2007-2012 to know other people share my opinion of the guy.  When it comes to traveling to Walt Disney World, Lou’s done it all.  Great story about the name of the book ala Lou.  At WDW, the Cast Members have code numbers they use for radio calls to get important information across fast.  You might have heard that a Code 101 was a ride down.  Therefore a code 102, is the ride is back working and everyone is happy again. 

“102 Ways to Save Money For And At Walt Disney World” is a book that all people travelling to WDW should own.  In a nutshell, no matter your skill level in planning a trip to WDW, this book will save you money.  And that’s also Lou's money-back guarantee.  After reading it, I heartily agree.  The book itself is an E-book which can be downloaded to any of your smart devices.  Lou really takes advantage of today's technology by providing links to his shows that further explain the point he was making in the book.  Not too mention the fact that taking the E-book with you is as easy as taking your phone.  The book itself is broken up into logical sections that  pre-date your trip for the planning process and then up to and into the parks.  This book has clues, hints and money saving tips at every page swipe.  Some really great pictures and trivia also.
I wish I could go over the entire book page by page for you, but I don't think Lou would like that too much.  However, I think I might be able to get away with talking about a couple of the sections that really impressed me.  The first couple chapters will tell you how to get better prices on hotels, airfare and car rentals.  The section on what questions to ask to determine if the Dining Plan is for you is true gold.  As are the bonus 40 tips on true free-bees while your at the parks.  Lou even goes so far as to point out how to save money on souvenirs' by addressing the ample Penny press machines located everywhere. Truly, every page in this E-book will save you valuable time and money.  And who is not made happier by getting a deal and using  you short vacation time to it's utmost. 
In closing, my thoughts are, where was this book 20 years ago when we really began visiting the parks on at least a yearly basis.  All of the tricks and tips I have learned over that time through mistakes, trial and error, and good advice from friends are all in this book.  Every page swipe turned up another trick that I thought I, and only I, had discovered.  Kind of re-assuring in way that I have fine-tuned my trips to make sure we get the best bang of our buck.  If you have a trip planned or are even thinking about it, you should really consider getting your self a copy of this E-book or recommend it to a friend.  Lou is someone that you can trust to make sure you have a great trip to WDW, check out his website, listen to the Podcast and go get “102 Ways to Save Money For And At Walt Disney World”.
Besides, how can you doubt a Face like this?

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Lou Mongello said...

Thanks, Maz! So happy that you found the book to be helpful and an enjoyable read! Keep up the great work on your blog! :)