Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Muppets, the Unkown Queue Around the Corner

     On our last trip to WDW, we had to do something that after how many years of going to the Disney Hollywood Studios, we have never done.  Wait on line outside at Muppetvision 3D.  That sounds kind of weird, but until this last August, I did not even know the line ran outside and we've been on this attraction countless times over the years. 
     As you approach Mv3D, there is that little alcove, off to the right, under a roof as you go into the building to the pre-show room.  I had always assumed that little alcove was for strollers or for those people traveling in wheel chairs.  Well it's not.  As you move to the right of the entrance-way, it opens up around the corner into a very Sesame Street like alley-way.  There was a pathway down around 50 yards and then back to go into the building at the entrance.  I'm not sure if I'm right, but at then end of the alley-way it opens up to the cross street in the Streets of America leading to the San Francisco hills.
     The reason why I spend so much time talking about this alley-way is once again, the Disney Imagineers have set-up and incredible waiting queue experience.  With the help of a lot of Muppet magic, this alley-way has been transformed into a time killing wonder.  With the help of a little parody and a chuckle/laugh for every three feet, this queue goes super fast.  The movie poster were all hanging on the building side and mos of the blueprints and things were on the board wall opposite.  The kids and I spent a couple of minutes walking down here and looking all around.  The Pig Security sign(great irony) was a little sign a door in the back.

     We always keep coming up with things as nice as this that we never knew existed.  It makes it worth going back again and again.  If you've seen something new, write us at WGTWDW@gmail.com and we'd love to hear about it and share on the show.

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