Thursday, January 14, 2010

YouTube Disney Gold: Epcot Center 1983

I want to first want to thank George from and his tweet this morning about this. I also want to thank the Progress City, USA site and their post, “Cancel your plans for Tonight and Watch This”. And I really will. This is another shot of YouTube Disney Gold but from the park side. Recently, Lord Phoenix on the allmightypuff channel has posted at least 11 videos of 1983 Epcot Center on Youtube. The quality for the day is great and this is a very detailed kind of guy. I’ve only seen the first couple of videos, but as the Progress City, USA post says, I’ll be watching all of them tonight. We were down in 1985 and we were not a video savy family so these videos are awesome to see. Please check them out and enjoy. I'll post more nfo once I see them all.

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