Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Hidden Mickey Goes Away

I have mentioned in the past the fun of looking for Hidden Mickey's is an extra boost to a visit to Walt Disney World. Just in case you don't know, a hidden mickey is a mickey head shape hidden in some part of the parks or resort. Here is something for you to try. It is, I believe, the biggest hidden mickey and it can be seen from Google Earth or some similar satellite picture site. Find the Magic Kingdom and zoom down only a little south of the parking lot. You can't miss it, right inside the racetrack. I think it is a cool connection you can get knowing that the Imagineers have added these items for you to find. We just discovered that even though hidden mickey's are always added, they can also be removed. One of our first hidden mickeys we had found before we even knew what hidden mickey's were is while you are descending the Swiss Family Tree House stairs, you can look over the edge and look down at the families dining table and see the most perfect hidden mickey. If you notice there is a pineapple between the ears. We actually called this a Hidden Minnie. Either way, it's gone. We were there in Mid Aug. and as we were walking down we could not believe our eyes...all gone. No Hidden Minnie or even mickey, just another table setting. So now we need to find where they hid that Hidden Mickey. We can only hope they moved it to somewhere else in the tree-house. So in your next trip to Walt Disney World, keep your eyes open for those hidden mickeys that are there or were there. Thanks to Steve and the Hidden Mickey's Guide for the before picture. I could not find ours.

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