Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Walt Disney Companies' D23 is Released

As most of us that are in the Disney online Community have heard, Disney has started a new Disney sponsored Fan site called D23. To say site only would under-sell what Disney is offering in this new endvour. There is a new D23 magazine that is for the fan with stories about all apspects of the Disney company minus the advertisements. The other major item is that there is to be a Mousfest type event in Anaheim this September, put on by the Disney people. The cost of membership is $74 and change. Click on Mickey above to get the full details from Disney. I wanted to throw this post out there to point out the outstanding interview that Eric and the gang at Mouseguest had this week with Non-other than Disney Legend and Founder/Chief Archivist of the Walt Disney Archives Dave Smith, Manager of the Walt Disney Archives, Becky Cline and head of D23 and overseer of the Archives and Photo Library, Steven Clark. The trio discuss the Archives, the D23 club and membership, "Disney twenty-three" magazine, the D23 Expo, and they also address some concerns the Disney online community has voiced about D23. This is the only Podcast so far this month that has such an exculsive and detailed interview. Please check it out by clicking the MouseGuest logo. My plan is to get a copy of the magazine and hold off on the membership for now. Have fun checking out D23!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for th elove! Glad you enjoyed the interview. To say it was a blast interview a Disney Legend is an understatement. All three were great to speak with.