Monday, February 18, 2008

Scouting With the Mouse

Scouting with the Mouse is a website we came across a couple of weeks ago. It is run by a friend of mine on Disfriends. I had never even thought of this, but what if you can combine WDW with Scouting. Well it has been done and done with style. This is a website that will help you and the Girl, Boy or Cub Scout in your house get ready for a trip to WDW. You will be amazed at the number of activities and requirements you can achieve while in the parks. There are links to buy Scouting and Disney stuff and plenty of news updated daily about both. There is also a feature that will let you become a MouseScouteer. Sign up for free and get some great extra options from the site. I have not signed up as of yet. As soon as we're going to WDW again, we will. My son has just recieved a prize from Scouting with the Mouse. He just had his Pinewood Derby and we had posted a picture of his Car over at Disfriends. Hypermommy(which I am sure is just a screen name) liked it and posted on the Scouting with the Mouse site. The boy received this great pin in the mail this past week.


Jon said...
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Fox said...
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Maz said...

Had to remove to comments that had links to a WinXP virus scanning software. It did not look Kosher so they got the Heave-Ho! That was Jon and Fox.