Monday, June 25, 2012

The "WGTWDW" Podcast Show # 18

On this weeks show we spin that great Wheel of Attractions yet again. We then try out a new game for the show and then talk about the new Pixar movie Brave...It was Really Good!
We also reach out to our listeners to help us with audio recordings at the parks. If your going, let us know before hand at and I'll set you up with a good smart phone voice recorder. 

On this show we really discovered one very important fact.  Using 15-30 seconds of carnival music to intro the Wheel of Attractions...Good.  Using it for a background loop for more than one minute...Very Very Bad.  It will not happen again.  For those that don't know our Wheel of Attractions has been with us for the last 16 or so shows.  For those that read these side-notes, you'll be the only ones to know that we might not really have a huge carnival wheel mounted in the office which we spin each show.  For the record, to "backup" the wheel, we use an online randomizer and just as we get to the 16 second mark on the wheel spin noise, I hit enter and the randomizer tells us what we are going to talk about.  So we are talking cold on whatever comes up.  It's great watching the kids hear the name of the attraction and then focus in on the what, where, and our experiences with it and then talk it out.
We tried something new this week in the on the air, Hope named game, 20DQ.  This is the classic 20 questions with Disney Parks, Movies or Characters instead of Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral.  We did three rounds this week with each taking a turn.  If we do this again, we'll only do one per show.  Unless it's guessed quickly.  The idea to try this on the show came from my friends over at the Be Our Guest Podcast Forums.  There is a group of us that regularly play a game of Guess Where this Picture Is Taken.  Once in a while I'll bring the kids in to consult and we thought since people like playing that game, maybe we can do one for those listeners not on the computer out there.  A quick mind exercise.  So if you like this.  Email us and let us know. I think my over-under for saying the email address on the show was around 10.  Trying to push it, can you tell?

Quinn's turn at 20DQ was the perfect lead in to the Pixar Movie Brave.  We saw this the day after release and had a great time.  Lesley was there with us.  The movie was great.  As I said on the show it took all of about 10 seconds for me to say, "WOW!"   The animation was breathless.  I've had time to think about it and my thinking on the movie was great in all regards except for story.  Not sure if they spent enough time on the triplets and other minor things. 
  • Pixar Short at the beginning was the best so far, La Luna.
  • Stay to the very end, after the credits.  It's worth it.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for the Pixar items found in all movies. Witches House
  • Music was really good as you can hear on the show.
I bought that single right away, not sure about the whole album yet.  We will see this again.  Make sure you see it, it was worth it.

Thanks for listening and supporting the show.  Don't forget to email the show your thoughts, ideas or questions for the show to (that's 11).

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The WGTWDW Podcast # 17

On this weeks show we touch base on a couple different things.  We first bring you into the kitchen to discuss a couple of update announcements in the parks.  We talk about The Legend of Jack Sparrow and the new Fastpass twist from a couple of weeks ago. 
We then spin the Wheel of Attractions and get the Tomorrowland Indy Speedway.  We talk about this attraction and try to make sense of it.  Next, we review the American Adventure's ending video and see how many if any of the famous people shown that Hope and Quinn might know. I did say it was a busy show.  We then say goodbye to Snow White's Scary Adventure with mixed feelings.  We then finish up with a sound clip taken from the Chapeau Hat Shoppe on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.   So listen to the show this week and let us know what YOU think.  Email us at  The show can be downloaded here on Podbean or we can also be found on Itunes.

Youtube Gold: Walt Disney Resort Walk Around Video

While fully immersed in a Game of "Where Was This Picture Taken?" over at the Be Our Guest Podcast Forums, I came across this series of videos on Youtube.  If your from the BOGP forums, skip to the next paragraph.  Thanks :-)

One of my main tools for helping confirm where I've seen a picture are the Walt Disney World videos uploaded to Youtube by the UndercoverTourist guys.  You might know them from a post I did earlier this year as the Ticket people, well it seems they have some great video skills.  They've got some great videos of almost every attraction a location in the parks.  Their walkthroughs of the Epcot Countries are very complete and actually relaxing.

When your feeling homesick for Walt Disney World, check out Undercover Tourist on Youtube and get your fix.